BFE Vredenburg offers water refills, juices, sparkling drinks, slush puppies, containers and private labelling. Please visit the Products section for more information.

Water Refills

Ozonated purified water refill station - pay per litre (excludes container)

Private Labelling

Custom-designed labels for every occasion from birthdays, weddings, funerals to guest houses and businesses.

Drinks & Slushy Sales

Cold and delicous bottled water, flavoured drinks, energy drinks and slushies available at BFE Vredenburg.

Container Sales

Various sizes water containers for sale at Body Fuel Express Vredenburg.


Meet the friendly and professional team at BFE Vredenburg

"We're proud to be able to supply the friendly people of the West Coast with top quality water and drinks"

Marinda - Owner

Custom-designed labels for every occasion

Charlene - Private Labelling

Body Fuel Express Vredenburg caters for the increasing demand for safe, healthy and affordable drinking water.

Xander - Manufacturing

Robbie is a friendly attendant that will help you fill the bottles or to fill them for you.

Robbie - Refill Station

Byron is one of our friendly water refill station attendants who love spending time with our customers.

Byron - Refill Station

Lucy always greets customers with a smile when they come into Body Fuel Express where she works as a cashier.

Lucy - Cashier

Ishaan joined the team in 2019. You'll be greeted by his warm, friendly smile at the Refill Station.

Ishaan - Refill Station


Visit Body Fuel Express Vredenburg bottled water, energy drinks, flavoured water, slushies, dispensers and slush beverages. Water refills of still prepared water disinfected by reverse osmosis and ozone treatment.

Bottled Water
750ml R8.30
5 litre R17.00

Water Refills
Ozonated Water pay per litre
(bring own container)

Tooti Fruti Slush
Cream Soda, Raspberry or Grape
R12 each

10 litre Quick Serve R150

1kg/2kg Purified Ice
Ozonated Prepared Water

MiWater Black Water
Packed With Trace Minerals
500ml R12 each

25 litre Quick Serve R190

Flavoured Sparkling Drink
Strawberry, Lemon & Lime and more.

Giant Energy Drinks
Cranberry or Orange flavour.

Just Fizz Drinks
Cream Soda, Orange, Raspberry and more.

Giant Energy Drinks
Various Flavours Available

Ice Tea Drinks
Lemon or Peach flavoured sparkling drink.

Cool Kids
Various fruity flavoured drinks.


Body Fuel Express Vredenburg was founded by Marinda Coetzee, wife of DRS Vredenburg owner Marius Coetzee. Visit BFE Vredenburg at 31 School Street for water refills, bottled water, energy drinks, flavoured water, dispensers and slush beverages. Proudly in association with:



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Tel: (022) 713 1352

Mon–Fri: 08:00 – 17:30
Sat/Public Holidays: 08:30 – 14:00